144 College Street
Toronto, Ontario

HFIG Distinguished Guest: Design of Future Things by Donald Norman

REGISTRATION IS FULL. There are no more available seats.

Date: Monday, June 11th
Time: 9:00am - 11:00am
Place: Leslie Dan Pharmacy Building (144 College Street), Room B150

Prof. Norman will share insights from his soon-to-be published book: The Design of Future Things. Join us for a discussion about the present and future design challenges of everyday things.

Following the discussion, Prof. Norman will hold an autographing session.

Don Norman is the champion of human-centered design. "The well-rounded product," says Norman, "will enhance the heart as well
as the mind, being a joy to behold as well as to use."

Norman is Professor of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering,
Psychology, and Cognitive Science at Northwestern University. There he teaches design while co-directing the Segal Design Institute. He is
cofounder of the Nielsen Norman Group and a Professor at Northwestern University. He has been Vice President of Apple Computer and an executive at Hewlett Packard. He serves on many advisory boards, such as the editorial advisory board of Encyclopedia Britannica and the Department of Industrial Design at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). He has received honorary degrees from the University of Padova (Italy) and the Technical University of Delft (the Netherlands), the "Lifetime Achievement Award" from SIGCHI, the professional organization for Computer-Human Interaction, and the Benjamin Franklin Medal in Computer & Cognitive Science from the Franklin Institute (Philadelphia).

He is well known for his books "The Design of Everyday Things" and
"Emotional Design." He is now writing "The Design of Future Things,"
discussing the role that automation plays in such everyday places as
the home, and automobile. He lives at www.jnd.org.

The building is located right next to the Queen’s Park subway station. Parking will be scarce since there will be a convocation ceremony that day.

In addition, we were kindly (but firmly) asked NOT to allow any food or drinks into the hall, please respect that.

Finally, although your name will appear in the guests list, please arrive early to secure your seat.

Official Website: http://www.mie.utoronto.ca/hfig/index.php?on=news&show=20070611

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