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Spread the Word: Design Is A Superpower

Who's doing what to make our world a better place? What can you do to promote sustainability and social responsibility?

See and hear a dozen local designers who are making a difference. Learn, and take inspiration from them, to discover your own superpower. Mingle with like-minded, conscience-driven individuals seeking to unleash their inner superheroes. From Think Globally, Design Locally to Greenwashing to Your Civic Footprint to Guerilla Culture Jamming – the topics are diverse, the speakers are passionate and pedigreed in their fields, and the discussions are sure to be enlightening and empowering.

The morning session starts at 10:00 am; the afternoon session starts at 1:00 pm. You can attend either one, or the full day.

Join us for the first session at 10:00 am. If you love it (and you will), stay for the second at 1:00 pm.
Half day or full day - IT'S FREE!

SPEAKERS: (this list is subject to change, but hopefully won't!)


Patrick Robinson
Spread the Word,
How we got here & Today's Format

Nellie Kim
John St. Advertising
How I Sleep At Night. Stop the Guns

Patrick Keenan + Alan Smith
The Movement
Think Globally, Design Locally

Jennifer Spinner
Media Aid,
An NGO Brand & Brief Repository

Bernard H. Hellen, H.B.A., R.G.D., President + Creative Director
Traffic Marketing + Design Inc.
Designers As FSC Advocates


Len Senater
Hypenotic Design
Dirty Work: How to spot Greenwashing in your community and hopefully not in your work

Chris Braden
Depletisit: The

Michael Louis Johnson
Grassroots Community Building, Pedestrian Sundays

Anil Patel,
Framework Foundation,
Civic Footprint: Citizenship 2.0

Patrick Robinson
Grip Advertising
Closing comments and the Age of Participation

You can also register a seat for yourself at: http://www.spreadtheword.org/registration.html

Spread the Word's mission is to help others action their intent to make the world a better place by spreading the word of cause-based design initiatives that designers can become involved with, or inspired by, to create their own cause-based initiatives.

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