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We wanted to let you know about an important and exciting new community economic development initiative here in Santa Cruz: the Santa Cruz Design Innovation Center. We’d also like to invite you to the Launch Event for this project, hosted by Plantronics at 5:00 pm on Friday, January 18, 2008. Please see the attached invitation, please see below for some background information, and definitely check out www.santacruzdesigncenter.com. Feel free to spread the word to others in your networks who may be interested in this project and this event.
Okay, some background: About 18 months ago, a group of businesses leaders in Santa Cruz got together and recognized two things: 1) that design is a key differentiator and creates a competitive advantage in the global economy, and 2) that Santa Cruz is home to a rich mix of design talent across a variety of cutting edge design disciplines. That talent is resident in larger design-related companies—such as O’Neill, Plantronics, NHS, and Santa Cruz Bicycles—but also in a host of smaller independent architects, engineers, graphic designers, product designers, web designers, landscape designers, and others. These business leaders understood that if we could find a way to organize, catalyze, and showcase that talent to the world, then we could grow existing design-based business and attract new design-based businesses to Santa Cruz. Moreover, if we could create a place where that talent could collaborate across design disciplines, there would be no end to the marketable innovations that could be developed right here in Santa Cruz.
Thus was the idea for the Santa Cruz Design Innovation Center born. The objectives of the SCDIC are three: 1) promote Santa Cruz as a design destination for world-class talent, 2) create networking and collaboration opportunities for the design community, and 3) educate students, companies, investors, and the public on the important of design and why design matters. The SCDIC has an active board, is an incorporated non-profit business, and is applying for tax-exempt status.
The Launch Event on January 18th is designed to put the SCDIC on the map. We’ve invited designers, of course, but also a range of business and community leaders who will be instrumental in making the vision of the SCDIC a reality. RSVP @ [email protected]

Official Website: http://www.santacruzdesigncenter.com

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