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London SE1 2YD, England

"Once upon a time, designers were celebrated as people who dreamt of transforming the world. Today, it seems as if they are regularly blamed for that transformation: for increasing consumerism or for wasteful obsolescence. Once visionaries; today's designers seems much more cautious.

Even with more access to tools, techniques and materials, designers are happy to restrict their palette for the sake of ethical, social or environmental considerations. Design is seldom discussed in its own terms. Many designers increasingly defend design by doing stuff-other-than-design. In fact, they are more likely to stress design's moral contribution to myriad issues including responsible consumption, social inclusion and sustainable living.

A panel of four designers will question this, asking if it is legitimate, if designers are simply capturing the cultural 'zeitgeist' or if design is in denial?"

In association with the Future Cities Project

Confirmed speakers:
Clive Grinyer, director of design, Orange France Telecom
Austin Williams, director, Future Cities Project; author/illustrator, Architectural Shortcuts: Essential Guides for Building Designers
Patrick Cox, executive creative director, Wolff Olins; designer, London 2012 logo
Tom Dunmore, editor-in-chief, Stuff and
Jonathan Barnbrook, typographer/designer and founder of Virus Foundry

Chair: Martyn Perks, design consultant, cScape; member, Future Cities Project

Official Website:

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Debra Z

Confirmed speakers
Clive Grinyer, Director of Design at Orange France Telecom
Jonathan Barnbrook, graphic designer
Tom Dunmore, Editor of Stuff
Patrick Cox, Wolff Olins
Austin Williams, Director, Future Cities Project


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