340 Moffitt Library, next to the Free Speech Movement Cafe
Berkeley, California 94720

Despite significant challenges, a growing number of Americans and Europeans are turning to their mobile phones to access the internet. The promises of faster networks and smart phones suggest that, at long last, the web could become truly mobile. Yet, in order to fully realize potential of a mobile internet designer and product developers still need to overcome expectations built on the PC legacy.
This talk presents insights from several field studies of consumers in the US, Europe and Hong Kong conducted in 2006 and 2007. Through a combination of a diary study, in-depth interviews and deprivation of users to access of internet on their computers, we collected qualitative data illustrating how people currently use their mobile phones and the internet. Using this field data, we develop several mobile design principles to drive product design and strategy.

Official Website: http://groups.ischool.berkeley.edu/dbox/?page_id=4

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