41 Gordon Square
London, England WC1 0PD

CreateKX and futureflux present Fast Forward: Exploring the Visual-Sonic Interface - a London Design Week Event
A day of overviews and talks on the emerging interface of sound and images, as explored by artists and practitioners working in visual-sonics, generative,immersive, interactive and synaesthetic arts. futureflux aims to provide inter-industry briefings on areas of new media, art and design developments that will impact on your sector. These are the developments that will impact on the opportunity-space of media in marketing, product-launches, advertising, events, entertainment and exhibition design. So to stay abreast of these cutting-edge developments and be a better-informed player in your business, join us at Fast Forward events.

Speakers include Mike Faulkner, Ghislaine Boddington, Oli Sorenson, Anthony Rowe, Russell Richards, Maurice Owen.

Added by BobCotton on September 2, 2008