26 Store Street
London, England WC1

"Almost 40% of London's carbon emissions are produced by its housing. In order to reach the Mayor’s targets for tackling climate change the challenge lies not only in improved practice for new homes but raising the standard of London’s existing stock. How can London’s mature and complex urban communities adapt to reduce their carbon footprints? What will new housing developments look like and what impact will they have on London’s existing built environment? This conference is an opportunity to discover the policies, regulations and solutions from the people at the forefront sustainable research, policy and development."

Alex Amato, Associate, Davis Langdon
Patrick Bellew, Chairman, Atelier Ten
Andy von Bradsky, Chairman, PRP
Andy Deacon, Air Quality, Energy and Climate Change Strategy Manager, Greater London Authority
Pooran Desai, Director, BioRegional Quintain
Bill Dunster, Architect, Zed Factory
Dusty Gedge, Founder, Livings Roofs
Bill Gething, Partner, Feilden Clegg Bradley Architects
Tony McGuirk, Chairman, BDP
Mike Roberts, Director, Vertigo Sustainable Development Consultants
Dr Jennifer Schooling, Research Business Manager, Arup
Jeremy Sumeray, Director of Strategy, UK Green Building Council
Andrew Tucker, London Climate Change Partnership Manager, Greater London Authority

The scale of the sustainability challenge for London
The impact of climate change on London's housing requirements
Technical advances from experts
Retrofitting solutions
Case studies of pioneering projects
The cost benefits of sustainable best practice
Raising design standards through sustainable homes
An international perspective

Official Website: http://www.newlondonarchitecture.org/desres/conf6.php

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