1001 16th Street
Denver, Colorado 80202

What: Giant Capture the Flag in the streets of downtown Denver
When: July 1st, 2006, 4pm
Where: 16th and Curtis, west side
Who: Anyone and everyone
Cost: FREE!
Bring: Cellphones and LOTS OF FRIENDS!
Please visit denverctf.com for more info!

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The Rules:

Teams: Each team will be chosen at random; but friends' preferences will be respected. Red and Blue arm bands will be used to denote teams.

Planning Time: Before the start of each round, each team will have 15 minutes to plan. You must stay on your territory until these 15 minutes are up.

Tagging: Once you are tagged you must be escorted to the jail. One person can escort a maximum of two people. A tag is just a tag; no punching hitting, slapping, kicking, tripping or any other violence.

By attending this event, you are attending your own risk. You agree to not violate in laws of Denver Colorado. You agree to not interfere in the with traffic, local businesses, or the activities of other pedestrians. The laws of the state of Colorado and the city of Denver govern you during this time and you are responsible for your own actions. The organizers accept no liability for the actions for others' actions during this game. You are an adult.

Official Website: http://www.myspace.com/denverctf

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