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Denver, Colorado

This first meeting of minds is being started to encourage entrepreneurs, programmers, web-developers and investors to network, chat, pass along ideas, and expand our horizons as a group.

Official Website: http://www.timeforblogging.com/meeting-of-minds-denver-networking-group/

Added by jrdorkin on April 17, 2007



Let everyone know a little about yourself here before the event!

I'll start:
I'm a web-entrepreneur who runs the company BiggerPockets Real Estate Investing Community - http://www.biggerpockets.com . I've got several other projects in the works and hope to meet some other local techies / entrepreneurs.


I'm a geek. There's no better way to say it.

I started my own company just so I could do geeky things (like http://votemonkey.com) but I'm not very good with the business stuff so networking with people who are would probably be good for me.

I also own some real estate in another state and have been thinking of exchanging that to Colorado so maybe Joshua could give me some pointers there.

I'm not much of a morning person (unless I stay up all night) so I'll be the guy with bags under his eyes.


I'm an idealist. And once in a while i work on software programs that do stuff.

Also, connecting with real estate moguls looking for socially beneficial things to do with buildings and land would be fun, so i plan to be at this event.



Hi, my name is Brett. I'm moving to Denver on Tuesday. I'm a copywriter, SEO, and social media marketer with a proven experience writing front page content. Sorry I can't make this meeting, but look out for me at the next one! In the meantime, I'm looking for full-time employment in the Denver area... My site is http://copybrighter.com


I am a web developer who runs http://bardiver.com/

I would love to attend but I can't make the 8AM time. If you do another one of these, the evening would be great.

Good luck.


skabber, perhaps you could recommend a good dive bar. ;-)

I wonder if we could join forces. I have another site squaff.com that is intended to help people decide which bar to go to.


I'll be late... about 8:45 probably.


I waited an hour . . . asked pretty much every one who showed to the coffee shop if there were there for the meeting, and no one responded yes.

I'll try this one more time . . . look for details on my blog at:

If I'm alone sipping my tea again, I'm going to have to turn in the towel!


I guess I missed you... showed up late and didn't recognize you. Wear your glasses next time. ;-)

Oh well.