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Invocation of angels and demons goes back before the middle ages, to early Christian theologians and monks, and this talk opens up the that realm. We enter the supernatural world of the church fathers, for whom spirits - benevolent or otherwise - were as real as the physical landscape around them. Justin Martyr claimed to worship angels along with God. Evagrius Ponticus described the eight varieties of demons and gave detailed instructions on what to do with them. Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite wrote a whole treatise on the "celestial hierarchies" (from seraphim down to mere angels) and set the scene for the medieval and Renaissance understanding of angels and their ranks. Tonight is for all who have a fascination with Enochia, the watchers and the sons of men, evocation and Goetia, and all who share a fascination with the Western tradition of supernatural beings. Jonathan Hill studied theology at Oxford before becoming a philosopher and sometime church historian. Author of numerous books, he recently finished a project at Oxford in philosophical theology.

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