1875 Se Belmont St
Portland, Oregon

Come see the great stuff your fellow Portlanders have been working on. Several ten minute demos of new products and side projects.

Current lineup:
* Dave Miller, An Open Laszlo Project
* Michael Kelly, Foodisms
* Akshay Dodeja, Mugasha
* Scott Andreas, Sunago

Find out more about showing off *your* project here:

Official Website: http://pdxwi.com

Added by duvander on December 2, 2008



Added a Mugasha and Sunago to the docket. There are a couple other possibilities, so it's looking full unless someone drops out. Send me a msg anyway and I'll add you to a list for future Demolicious events.


is this a private affair?


Nope, it's open to all!


Following Demolicious, come celebrate the Mugasha Private Beta Launch and Sunago with their teams at Rontoms. http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/1479162/?ps=5


Get your Mugasha Invite at http://mugasha.com. We will start sending them out at launch time.


great event tonight, sorry I had to leave early. Can't wait for April!