1-15-15 Moto Azabu, Minato-ku 106-0046
Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture 106

Film Screening and Middle Eastern Buffet.
Cost is 4500 yen per person. Includes Dinner and Drinks. Plus the Film
RSVP to [email protected]

About "The Dreams of Sparrows"
In this first feature film out of Iraq after the US invasion in 2003, filmmaker Hayder Mousa Daffer offers us an unfiltered, face-to-face look at what the war and ongoing occupation are doing to the hearts and minds of Iraqi people, drawing us into engaging encounters with painters, writers, filmmakers and many others. Where most recent Iraq War films bombard us with the day-to-day tumult of battle, or give us an ultimately irrelevant perspective from the outside looking in, this collaboration between American & Iraqi filmmakers reveals the new, emerging Iraq by searching for truth in all walks of Iraqi life.

"All artists, in Iraq or in the world, don't care about anything ... just looking for beauty in this world ... and truth." --Hayder Daffer

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