1 First Canadian Place
Toronto, Ontario

TorCampers --

It is once again time for us to congregate and make with the demos and
the drinking. Yes folks, that's right. It's DemoCamp17!

Date: Monday, February 25th, 2008
Time: 5:00pm to 9:00pm
Location: Toronto Board of Trade, 1 First Canadian Place, Toronto, ON
Cost: Free (cash bar if you're thirsty)

Dinner will be served, the Demos will be excellent, the Ignites will
ignite, and then we'll adjourn to The Duke of Westminster for more
food and drinks.

As always, details are available at http://barcamp.org/DemoCampToronto17,
'tickets' are at http://democamp.eventbrite.com, and those wishing to
sign up for a demo or ignite session can do so at

We've seen a lot of turnover at recent DemoCamps and we're always
happy to welcome new faces into the crowd. Since this is the first
DemoCamp of 2008, we're going to change the old "bring a new person"
rule around a bit and ask everyone to "bring a new person AND an old
friend who hasn't been out in a while". Things have changed a lot
since our humble beginnings around the BubbleShare board room table, so let's bring them back and show them what's new!

Lastly, we're always looking for individuals or companies who would
like to put up $200 and help make the event possible. If you're
interested, please contact me directly and I can give you a rundown of
what's involved.

Hope to see everyone there!

Official Website: http://barcamp.org/DemoCampToronto17

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