42 Mowat Ave
Toronto, Ontario

Demo Schedule

The Demo Schedule process is being reworked.

Demonstrations and presentations will be announced prior to the event. The signup process is what is currently being revised. The process and selection criteria need to be open and accessible. We (either a small group or the community) will be vetting the demos before they are accepted.

*If you would like to demo:* please contact DavidCrow or JayGoldman to make sure we know about you in advance.

* Invited: Mike Beltzner Mozilla (15 minutes)
* Invited: Betsy Weber TechSmith (15 minutes)
* Break (10 minutes)
* *Demos - 5 minutes each*
o Opensource Game Platforms
o SneakerPlay
o NotSoSo
o ViaVol
o ProductWiki
o Bart G
o Contact DavidCrow or JayGoldman to demo

Please put your name onto Attendees list on:

Official Website: http://barcamp.org/DemoCampToronto13

Added by libinpan on March 2, 2007



This is actually happening on Tuesday, April 24.


Grr, would love to go but i'm out of town :(


Drenton, I'm sure there will be another one. Check out the TorCamp Skype chat, there's always something going on.

Gary King

Everyone always talks about the TorCamp Skype chat but I never know where to go to find it...