VCEC: 999 Canada Place, Vancouver, BC
vancouver, British Columbia v5h2r4

Joey deVilla (Developer Evangelist at Microsoft in Toronto, Thrilla from Manila, rock and roll accordion player, casual cyclist, clotheshorse and all-round bon vivant) is going to be in Vancouver for a week around the Microsoft TechDays (see for more info).

SInce Microsoft has booked the convention center for 2 days, they have free space available to the community in the evening.

Joey said "Let's do a Demo Ignite etc. Camp night!". So we are.

We have room for 6 - 8 presentations either Ignite style or to do a demo of some code that you've made. Leave a comment if you want to present.

1. Accordions and more (Joey deVilla,
2. Clamato: some sort of awesome Smalltalk / JS from the future (Avi Bryant,
3. RestfulX Framework - (Dima,
4. Carson Lam, FTW contest winner (
5. iPhone games using PhoneGap (Ayogo Games, -
6. Walruz: a Ruby framework for managing complex authorization policies via composition of more simple policies (Roman Gonsalez, Noomii -
7. Mobify: building the mobile web (more detail TBA)
8. Nitobi: mobile app (more details TBA)

Added by bootup on August 28, 2009



Can I talk about TckTckTck and some of the cool appy stuff we've built, or is that not sufficiently nerdy?


@dbarefoot - for this event, I'd prefer one of the developers demo'ing it to cover more of the "how" rather than just the "why" / "cool, shiny" -- BM


Can I do a show-and-tell on RestfulX framework?


Sounds great, Dima -- I'll update tomorrow


I'd love to present some of the things we've been up to at Mobify -


Cool. Put Nitobi down for a spot to demo their mobile app, and I'll figure which of the Nitobites who will do that.


Thanks to all that came out. Head over to to get notified of major future events and/or grab the iCal feed at for ALL events. Hope to see many of you at Barcamp Vancouver.