622 SE Grand Ave
Portland, Oregon 97214

Rapid-fire technology demos, no PowerPoint slides!

A DemoCamp is a lighter-weight style of un-conference. A DemoCamp lasts only a few hours. Unlike a BarCamp, you don't have to actively participate. You are welcome to come along and give feedback to the people who do (or just watch and absorb if you don't feel like talking). Demos should have roughly a 2 minute introduction, 8 minute demonstration, and 5 minutes for questions. 15 minutes total. The presentations for this DemoCamp are below on this page.

Do you have a web site or web application, tool, a piece of software, a set of scripts, new toy, hardware hacks that you want feedback on? Bring it. Show it. Share!

DemoCamp Portland 1 will be part of BarCampPortland on May 12, 2007. We are combining these two events to reduce costs and increase attendance. Future DemoCamps in Portland will be held independently and on a regular basis (assuming there is interest). Information on a possible Demo Camp Portland 2 will be provided at the event.

Official Website: http://barcamp.org/DemoCampPortland1

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