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Barcelona's Delorean mine a territory between dance music and independent pop, producing a sound that is distinctly theirs. This is the record it took Delorean 10 years to evolve into, a fusion of dance music (including their native Spanish Balearic house) and contemporary pop music. The dance-club rhythms and airy melodies they've toyed with in the past are fused and textured, making for a deeply obsessive, hypnotic album that retains the easy appeal of great pop music. Looking at 30+ years of club music history with fresh eyes, Delorean have made an album that is dense and soulful. Our first listen to Subiza was exhilarating, every subsequent listen is a revelation.

"delorean" (bcore disc 2004)
"metropolitan death ep" (bcore disc 2005)
"into the plateau" (bcore disc 2006)
"Ayrton Senna ep (mushroom pillow/foolhouse 2009)
"subiza" (true panther/mushroom pillow 2010)

The Teenagers "Love no" (XL recordings 2008)
The Mystery Jets "Half in love with Elizabeth" (Rough Trade 2008)
Lemonade "Big Weekend" (True Panther Sounds 2008)
The Big Pink "Too young to love" (House Anxiety 2008)
Glasser "glad" (true panther sounds 2009)
El Guincho "kalise" (Young turks 2009)
Franz Ferdinand "live alone" (domino 2009)
The XX "islands" (young turks 2009)
cold cave "life magazine" (matador 2010)

Official Website: http://www.popscene-sf.com/

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