48233 Warm Spring Blvd
Fremont, California 94539

Delicious 2.0: Building Candy-like App with Adobe AIR in HTML/AJAX OR Flex
Speaker: Mike Downey, Group Manager of Platform Evangelism at Adobe

FREE if you register online OR $20 at the door
Registration: http://faceoff.eventbrite.com

Date & Time: 8/29/2007 Wed 6:30pm-9:30pm
Location: Hurricane Electric "The Matrix" Building
48233 Warm Springs Blvd, Fremont CA 94539

6:30pm Social, Food & Drink
7:30pm Candy Show
9:30pm Giveaways sponsored by Adobe, O'Reilly, Apress, LuckyOliver, Meebo

Mike Downey
Group Manager of the Platform Evangelism team at Adobe Systems
Mike Downey is Group Manager of the Platform Evangelism team at Adobe Systems. Mike has been passionately involved with web technologies since the late ‘90s when he began working with software like Macromedia Flash, which became the standard for motion and interactivity on the Internet. Since joining Macromedia in 2000 (which later merged with Adobe Systems) he has strived to share this passion with customers all over the world. As an experienced instructor, presenter, and developer, Mike has met with thousands of designers, developers, and technologists through numerous live and online events. Mike has also been a featured presenter at conferences such as FlashForward, FITC, Macworld, Spark, WebDU, Oracle OpenWorld, JavaOne, Adobe (Macromedia) MAX and several others.

Who Should Attend?
Developers & Engineers
User Interface Designers & Interactive Engineers
Product Managers
Executives & Founders

What You Will Learn?
Building Blocks & Patterns
Scalability Issues
Security Issues

What is AIR?
Adobe Integrated Runtime (AIR), codenamed and originally called Apollo[1], is a cross-OS runtime environment for building Rich Internet Applications, using Flash, Flex, HTML and Ajax, that can be deployed as a desktop application.

A public preview release of the AIR runtime, then known as Apollo, along with an SDK and extension for developing Apollo applications with the Flex framework, was released on March 19th, 2007. On June 10, 2007, it was renamed to AIR and a public beta of the runtime was launched.

A month after AIR was released for Alpha, Digg announced a contest where entrants must use AIR to create Digg visualizations.

Currently, beta-builds of Adobe AIR are available from Adobe for the Mac OSX and for Windows. A Linux version is slated to be released at or around the time of the final client release.

Official Website: http://www.svwebbuilder.com

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