jimmy durante boulevard
del mar, California ca

RETRO, RETRO, FASHION AND MORE! Come walk with us at this 6th Annual Del Mar Costumed Walkabout celebrating retro in fashion, TV, Stage, Home Décor and Music!

Lady Mari is the Official Event Coordinator for this wonderful event which is sponsored by Calendar Shows, the producer of the Del Mar Antiques & Collectibles Show. The walkabout theme will be the people, TV shows, Movies, music, clothing, styles and accessories from 1920 through 1969.

There will be prizes, raffles and this year, there will be a “Best Decade” contest! A winner and a runner-up will be chosen from each decade – prizes and gifts abound! Interested in being a contestant? For more information visit the website listed here and click on "DEL MAR WALKABOUT". There will be information, photos of past walkabouts and a listing of events, people, shows and music that was popular was 1920 through 1969.

There will only be 4 contestant entries per decade, so get your spot now! All ages, young and old are encouraged to participate!

Please RSVP no later than November 13, 2009. You don't have to be a contestant to be a Walkabout Attendee. The gates for Walkabout attendees will be manned from 11:00am-12noon. After 12noon, you may be REQUIRED to pay the full admission price. So RSVP to get on the Walkabout gatelist!

Added by Walkabout Coordinator on September 17, 2009