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The music of Def Leppard is a mixture of hard rock, glam rock and heavy metal elements. The band has occasionally been associated with the hair metal movement of the 1980s, although its sound is more accurately associated with the contemporary New Wave of British Heavy Metal genre of the 1970s. It is understood that the band consider themselves a rock band rather than a metal band. The band's songs generally feature simple guitar hooks and catchy, melodic choruses. The Def Leppard sound is also characterized by its combination of hard rock and polished melodic backing vocals.

Added by waxpancake on June 27, 2007



When the lights go down in the City, I won't stop believin' that your open arms will keep the wheel in the sky turning. We'll love, touch, and squeeze any way you want it, and then go our separate ways.

I'm not foolin', you animal pyromaniac. Stop bringin' on the heartbreak and hysteria. Just pour some sugar on me and take a photograph when love & hate collide. Love bites!


It looks like Journey is not playing this tour. It's Styx and Foreigner instead. Domo arigato.


Oh god this might be better than Iron Maiden.