1800 Campbell Street
Oakland, California 94067

Decoy – multi-media group exhibition

LoBot Gallery
1800 Campbell St., Oakland, CA

Opening: May 23, 2008 7pm-11pm

Decoy, a group exhibition of sculpture, painting, video, and works on paper, engages the political and psychological aspects of deception, perception, cognition and abstraction at the Lobot Gallery in Oakland, CA. The exhibition will feature recent works by Patrick Blaeser, Robert Burden, Ross Campbell, Diane Derr, Robert Jackson Harrington, Claire Jackel, Whitney Lynn, Jana Rumberger and Brian Stinemetz. The Tea Set and other musical guests TBA.

Objects and animals in the natural world often take on environmental elements to conceal or emphasize form and shape. Similarly, humans mimic surfaces and forms to convey contrary information, as with counterfeit objects or misleading advertising. The artists in this exhibition create 'decoys' that reference actual forms, but bring attention to the way(s) that surfaces often convey contrary information, and how art objects often stand-in for what is already out in the world.

Admission is free and open to the public.

Official Website: http://www.lobotgallery.com

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