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CRE Outreach Presents Theatre by the Blind DECIDER

CRE Outreach presents a Changing Perceptions/Theatre by the Blind production, DECIDER, a new play by Colin Simson, directed by Greg Shane. The play has a special engagement of three performances only, February 24, March 3, and March 10, 2011 at Magicopolis in Santa Monica.

When The Decider rises to power and puts a ban on creativity, Shadow, a tormented artist, must chose whether to use his talents for personal gain or for the benefit of those he loves.

Shadow, a struggling artist, is faced with a life-altering choice - - whether to endure the
hardships of life as a starving artist, or conform to the trends of institution and society. That choice is tested when he journeys to a colorful community of artists and inventors that is being controlled by The Decider, a ruthless dictator. After ordering a decree that places a ban on creativity, The Decider enlists Shadow to carry out his final orders and take ultimate control over the communty. Once again, Shadow is faced with a critical choice, but this time more lives than his own are held in the balance.

DECIDER is an original production by the only entirely blind theatre troupe in the United States.

Cast features Stacey Callier, Arnette Coates , Cookie, Bert Gross, Melanie Hernandez, Leela Kazeroni, Maria Perez, Ernest Pipoly, and Tori Taite.

Thursdays Only at 8 pm
Run: February 24, March 3, and March 10, 2011
Running time: 90 minutes
Magicopolis 1418 4th Street Santa Monica, CA 90401
Admission: $25

Tickets: www.creoutreach.org/decider or (310) 902-8220

Webpage: www.creoutreach.org/decider

Information: (310) 428-4696 or visit www.creoutreach.org

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