1545 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

NOTE: This meeting will be the 1st Tuesday of the month.

The December meeting will be at the Harvard law library, Langdell
South classroom, on Tuesday Dec 4th from 7-9pm.

We have two presentations for this meeting:

Gregg Pollack - http://www.railsenvy.com. (aka, Rails guy in the Rails
vs * videos) "Demystifying REST" Over the last two years an increasing number of large websites have adopted a RESTful Web Service API. We're going to take a closer look at what REST really means, why it's becoming more popular, and finally look at how Rails has become RESTful.

Gregory Brown - http://www.oreillynet.com/pub/au/2593 (Creator of Ruport Ruby Reports) will talk about resuming an open source project. Gregory says, "much of it will be relevant to people taking over internal projects in their commercial work as well. Things like how to find your way around an unknown codebase, how to layer in testing, etc."

Also, some of us will be hanging out after the meeting at John
Harvards, 33 Dunster
St. Harvard Square.

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ches martin

Yay! Thanks for putting this up someplace with a calendar feed :-)