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The Debt Relief Clinic on November 13th in San Franciscio will offer solutions for people facing financial stress. If you feel trapped by your current mortgage and loss of your home's value, the possible solutions are getting s Forensic Mortgage Audit, doing a Short Pay Refinance, Principal Reduction, or Short Sale.

If you are you struggling to pay your bills, drowning in debt and getting notices and calls from creditors, the possible solution is Debt Settlement. If you need help right away please go to www.NoDebtForUs.com

If you need to re-build your credit and raise your credit scores, the possible solution is Credit Repair.

Attend the debt relief clinic and get help in making an informed decision in chosing the option that is right for you! The clinic will have important information for underwater homeowners, rental property owners, people burdened by debt, and for realtors.
Attend the clinic and find out the following options available to help homeowners who have underwater mortgages and negative equity in their properties:

1) The Short Pay Refinance program can help save the homes of qualified homeowners with upside down mortgages who want to keep their homes and need help with lowering their payments and principal.

2) The Mortgage Principal Reduction program can help most underwater homeowners with upside down mortgages who want to save their homes and need help with lowering their payments and principal.

3) The Short Sales program can help underwater homeowners and rental property owners who are looking for a way out from under their mortgages and are unable to stay in their home or continue payments on their rental property.

This clinic will prove exceptionally helpful for people who do not have the resources, process knowledge, time or experience needed to go through the process of dealing with the lenders or creditors by themselves.

Official Website: http://debtreliefclinic.eventbrite.com/

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