315 Bowery
New York City, New York 10003

CBGB's was at one point in music history the quintessential punk rock club, it was where The Ramones rose to stature, where The Police first played when they came to New York. This will be the first and last show that Mike Sandwich ever plays at this notorious club. We invite you to show up and help us tear down the club. Yes, CB?s is closing and we enlist your assistance in helping us put some sort of dent(literally) in the club. Please come down, loot the club and try to steal your favorite CBGB t-shirt(AS SEEN ON TV!). Help us restore the club to its punk days as we try to assist in the club?s finalpunk-tuation. Mike Sandwich does not authorize your destruction of this fine rock establishment, however we do feel that this might be the only way to help out CB?s regain there once glorious reputation during their final hour. Let?s help them go out with a bang.

Added by Ms. deMEANor NYC on April 30, 2005