94 St Marks Place
New York City, New York

Two Completely Improvised Plays in One Hour

What happens when a blah blah blah meets a blah blah blah and they blah blah blah? ......That's what you'll find out in this fully improvised show at the FRIGID New York theater festival. Seriously though, improv group Death League Tea Party brings it hard when they perfom the monoscene which is basically an improvised version of a one act play. They start with a one word suggestion from the audience and create a setting and cast of characters on the spot, anything can happen and no two shows are the same.

"This troupe of UCB trained improvisers deftly skewers genres and presents comedy that's both silly and serious at the same time, don't miss it!"

"Quite watchable" (is that a good quote? I'm not sure)

5 Shows in March!
Thurs 3/8 at 9:00PM
Sun 3/11 at 7:00PM
Mon 3/12 at 9:00PM
Thurs 3/15 at 10:30PM
Sun 3/18 at 4:00PM

Tickets only $5.00

Directed by Neil Casey
Starring Alden Ford, Cesa Kobe Smith, Anna Rubanova, Marcos Sanchez, Steven Slate, Joe Spellman, and Kristy Webb.

Official Website: http://frigidfest.com/shows/OneLumporTwo.html

Added by stevenslate on February 25, 2007



Oh man, I love DLTP, some of the best UCB people right now....this is so cool theyre doing a festival....


I saw these guys at the Del Close Marathon last year. It was a nice change from the usual improv show, they had a different mellower vibe, yet they still tore it up. Can't wait to see this show.


I've seen these guys before and I'm definitely won't miss this show.


DLTP!!!!!!!!!....(air guitar riff)....


We've worked with these guys in the past and they are wonderful. Don't miss this show!