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Death in El Valle
C.M. Hardt, US, 1996/2005, 50 mins

Jeremy Hardy versus the Israeli Army
Leila Sansour, GB, 2003, 75 mins

A thought-provoking double bill on the cost of standing up for freedom.
A photo-journalist from the radical New York paper Village Voice, C.M Hardt went to the mountains of northern Spain to investigate the murder of her grandfather, who was shot by Franco's Civil Guard in 1948, and found a growing conspiracy of silence around the events of 50 years previously. Completed and aired on Channel 4 in 1996, the Spanish version (still not accepted on Spanish TV) was released in 2005.
The stand-comedian Jeremy Hardy put a new spin on his act; he was in Bethlehem during the occupation of the West Bank by the Israeli army to stand up as a representative of the international solidarity movement and as a witness to the way in which ordinary people resisted the takeover.

* Discussion led by Sam Lesser (Russell) who was in the first group of British volunteers in the International Brigade, Leila Sansour.

Discussion scheduled to last a further 60mins.

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