305 Harrison St.
Seattle, Washington 98109

With special guest

Plans is Seattle quartet DEATH CAB FOR CUTIE’s fifth album, but in many ways it’s also their first. It’s their first for Atlantic Records, after a long and productive relationship with Seattle-based indie Barsuk. It’s their first recorded on 48 tracks, the first recorded on the East coast, the first with a song orginated by a member other than Ben Gibbard (“Brothers in Hotel Beds,” by Chris Walla). It’s the first recorded with the same drummer (Jason McGerr) as the previous one. And it’s their first album since TV’s Seth Cohen professed his undying love for their music, since tireless touring helped bring them hundreds of thousands of new fans all across the US, and the world. In 2003 Death Cab produced their most complete and mature work to date, the stunning Transatlanticism. and almost immediately milestones began to fall like dominos: sales that flirted with Gold certification, successful tours of Japan and Australia, magazine features, TV appearances (including a memorable spring ’05 appearance on The OC, a program that can credit its entire cultural gestalt to Death Cab being Seth Cohen’s favorite band), and a personal invitation to join R.E.M., Pearl Jam, Bruce Springsteen, and others on the Vote for Change tour. With so much accomplished and so much yet to do, the members of Death Cab decided to plunge right back into the studio and the result is the record of their still young careers. Says Harmer, “this album is very much a brother or a sister to Transatlanticism. Despite the title, we never sat down to plan it, it just came out -- fully formed -- from the momentum of our last two years.” He laughs immodestly, “I mean, we’re just getting really good!”

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