316 W 2nd St
Los Angeles, New York 90012

SF noise-pop blog band Dealership makes a rare NYC appearance to celebrate the release of their third full-length album, Action/Adventure.


Dealership is scheduled for 8:30p

Added by hy136 on July 29, 2004



pianosnyc.com says:

11 Paula Balstein EP Release ($5)
10 Early Morning Band
09 Dealership (San Francisco)
08 Wook One

So Dealership may not actually be headlining here. (However, the Dealership does have a very TBA show in Brooklyn on Friday, August 26, 2004).

More updates as information becomes available.


Correction: Dealership in Brooklyn on Friday, August 27, 2004.


They said 8:30pm at Piano's on Thur in response to my question on their website board. Wonder where the Brooklyn show will be.


The Turn Records Tours page says Dealership will be in Brooklyn on Friday 8/27 at a Fringe Benefits Party (lately, Fringe Benefits Parties have been at Trash), but still not very specific and very TBA.


Update: Dealership is playing at Trash on Friday, 8/27 (see event). They're not listed on the Trash website's calendar, so they might be on early as an opener or something (?).


Ah, Trash, the old Luxx. If they aren't the opener then maybe I can make it. Is there a schedule? I guess they're not even listed. Let's see what the Dealership board might say.

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