967 Commonwealth Avenue
Boston, Massachusetts 02215

When your head's hitting the ground, when you're picking gravel from your knees, when you've spent the night gathering up your clothes and your Exile on Main Street and Brown Album LPs she threw onto the lawn the night before, you're ready for the Deadstring Brothers.

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, The Deadstring Brothers are forging their own imprint far removed from anything remotely close to what we've been conditioned to expect from the Motor City. While their hometown counterparts follow Iggy Pop's footsteps so closely they're practically ripping the skin off his heels, The Deadstring Brothers style embraces a sound from somewhere far beyond the Michigan County line.

"For all the posing, posturing stuff that gets released every week of the year -- you know, the clever-clever, trendy, arch material that critics are supposed to like but nobody buys -- there are always acts like Deadstring Brothers -- the sort of group that looks back at the ever-lengthening history of rock music, pinches the best bits and still comes up with something that sounds original, if not classic." Erasing Clouds

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