400 S. Cedar Avenue
Minneapolis, Minnesota 55454

Deadboy and the Elephantmen are the new psychedellic heavy gloom band of former Acid Bath and Agents Of Oblivion cult demi-hero Dax Riggs, a man responsible for some of the most searing and amazing vocal tracks of the '90s to today. Acid Bath's criminally unheralded (at least by the larger public) 'Pagan Terrorism Tactics' remains to the day one of the best albums of all time. Acid Bath broke up following the unexpected death of their bassist, shipping the premier guitarist of the band (Sammy Duet) to Goatwhore and Dax to Agents Of Oblivion. Dax's Agents only lasted one album, an amazing T-Rex meets murky voodoo sexual haunt of a disc. Now, Dax's new group is poised to make a new mark, albeit more psychedellic and all encompassing. Minnesota native Michael Morris released his first single 'King County Hotel & Casino' in 2005. His songs consist of slow, sprawling melodies and meandering crescendos, and his emotions come across in waves through his lyrics and soft vocal nuances. He plays music that is at once rhythmic and still.

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