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To whet the appetite for EA’s forthcoming and terrifying space adventure DEAD SPACE we thought we would put together some movies that have a common thread – space is scary...

From ALIEN, the best SF/ horror movie ever made, to the thought-provoking SOLARIS we will take you on a journey to some weird worlds and then right back here to Earth to scare the crap out of you.

Our four movies are:

ALIEN – DIRECTOR’S CUT (1979, Ridley Scott, UK)
Nearly 30 years later and this movie can still put the wind up you. What we love about this film is the creature effects – a man in a suit and not something that flops about in a computer somewhere. ALIEN is a SF/ Horror classic and if you have never seen this on the big screen, what better way than to do it in company at midnight!

PITCH BLACK (2000, David Twohy, USA)
Well, what a good film this is. Great action, nasty creatures, some ‘hard-man’ dialogue and a great performance from Vin Diesel (really the Vin, acting!) It has great cinematography, lots of tension and is a must for any SF/alien fan.

SOLARIS (2002, Steven Soderbergh, USA
This movie never quiet got the recognition we think it deserves. Powerful, beautiful and thoughtprovoking, SOLARIS is an excellent movie starring George Clooney.

THE THING (1982, John Carpenter, USA)
Brilliant. Just brilliant – John Carpenter delivers a scary, gory and downright nasty movie. A classic film making it’s 3rd appearance at the festival (see we really like it!) – We have heard that some people have not seen THE THING… well, do it now, it is really the manual for how to deal with alien invasion, which is surely imminent ;)

As with all our all-nighters, the coffee is flowing, we give you a goodie bag, Redbull and ice cream – there will be a few on-the-spot

Part of the Sci-Fi-London 7 programme. For the full program see http://www.sci-fi-london.com/festival/2008/ and details on the Upcoming event at http://upcoming.yahoo.com/event/463300/

Official Website: http://www.sci-fi-london.com/festival/2008/programme/all-nighter/dead-space.php

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