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Sacrifice! It stirs up many passions and has done so from antiquity, from Porphyry to Arnobius. The pros and cons of the practice have been endlessly debated. The question of its relevance today still arouses controversy amongst the pagan and magical communities, as well as society at large. In this talk, Stuart Littlejohn looks at the historical context and types of sacrifice, as well as intention and effect, how the meaning of the idea of sacrifice has subtly changed over the centuries. Stuart suggests, in the end, that the notion of sacrifice can be reclaimed today, in a positive sense, and it is valuable for spiritual transformation. See if you agree!
Stuart Littlejohn is an artist and illustrator, and a lifelong student of the mysteries. He is one of the founder members of the Ordo Minervae Occidentalis, alongside Fleur Shearman and Phillip Clayton-Gore, an order is dedicated to exploring the Wisdom Tradition from antiquity through to the present.

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