2711 Wilson Blvd
Arlington, VA, Virginia 22201

Join the DC Improvisers Collective and Altamira for a very special performance at the Galaxy Hut.

DCIC: http://dcic.alkem.org/

The DC Improvisers Collective is a trio exploring the intersection of jazz, contemporary composition and rock music. Their current
lineup features Ben Azzara (drums), Jonathan Matis (guitar), and Mike Sebastian (reeds). These musicians come together from
diverse backgrounds, bringing experience from performing in rock bands and jazz groups, as well as post-classical composition.
With ears wide open, they craft intricate compositions on the fly. Although the common metaphor for group improvisation often seems
to be conversation, this metaphor fails to capture the true real-time, simultaneous collaboration that fuels the work. Equal parts
tightrope act and group meditation, the ensemble explores the fertile territory of surprise just beyond the boundary where words fail.
Drawing on the visceral energy and immediacy of rock music, along with the spontaneous creativity and subtlety of the jazz tradition,
DCIC is able to forge new music that possesses both great intensity and mindful nuance.

ALTAMIRA: http://www.myspace.com/altamiraphilly

Having heard the call, Altamira have written upon the wall of the progressive indie rock scene in the bold-stroked form of their debut record, 2009's Palabras Malas (unreleased). The sonically dense Philadelphia-based instrumental trio have committed their smart, hungry punk-jazz to tape in a batch of songs reflexive of their divergent musical interests. Equally indebted to Ornette Coleman, Mahavishnu Orchestra, and latter-day Black Flag, the band's jagged songs hit hard and hit often while remaining willing to take a turn towards the pretty or the weird when occasionally inclined. Compositionally sophisticated and unpredictable, Altamira creates music that will unite rockers and music nerds.

The three members of Altamira cut their collective teeth in bands such as Circles, Capillary Action, Zevious, and Joe Lally's (Fugazi) solo band. Since 2007, Altamira have toured through the Midwestern and Northeastern US, supporting two self-released EPs and playing alongside of fellow progressive thinkers Dysrhythmia, STATS, Ahleuchatistas, Extra Life, Nat Baldwin, and many others. Plans for extensive US and European touring in 2009 are also in the works.

A stand-out member of the burgeoning progressive indie movement, the music of Altamira is an informed leap out of several musical traditions and into a new one. As demonstrated in Palabras Malas, the band has exited the cave of convention and stepped into the sun.

Official Website: http://galaxyhut.com/

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