Washington, D.C., District of Columbia

Washington DC scooterists are proud to announce the second annual rally in our Nation's Capitol: Scootergate 2006!

Registration gets you a rally shirt, patch, three free meals, four great rides, loud music, and a rally bag fatter than Dick Cheney!


Only $20 for the whole weekend! Pre-registering guarantees you a shirt in your size (first-come, first-served), so git crackin'! You can pre-register and get more info. at http://www.dcscooterrally.com - you don"t want to miss this!


The official hotel of Scootergate 2006 is the Hotel Harrington (www.hotel-harrington.com) in downtown DC, mere blocks from the global command center of the "War on Terror."

Rooms are $119/night + tax for two Queen size beds, or $99/night for a single queen. If that's too steep for your wallet, try travel web sites (especially Hotwire) for other deals. This is the cheapest, centrally located hotel we could get a fixed rate at.

Contact us for more information at 2stroker....at....gmail....dot....com.

Official Website: http://www.dcscooterrally.com

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Yawn. I gotta do too much surfing to accomplish too little. I hope being added here helps. I have so little time left over from checking the Cannonball site which lacks both email and rss feeds, therefore requiring me to log in and click a bunch of things to find out that nothing's going on. Whoo! I'm psyched about this rally!