245 Grand Street
Brooklyn, New York 11211

ONDA -- Experimental improvisation with voice, violin, and percussion

Pine Tree State Mind Control -- "Subversion With A Smile!" Noisy electronics from your friends in Maine.

Mathhead -- Mashed up dancehall, jungle and breakcore on the one hand, and melodic sample-based beats on the other.

DJs Derek Rush and Abstract spin idm, darkhop, ambient, downtempo, post-rock, drones, glitches, shoegazer, psychedelic noise, and krautrock.

The Lucky Cat. 245 Grand st. Williamsburg Brooklyn.
9pm?4am. Show @ 10pm.
$3 entry. Free after 12:30 am.
$4 wells. 18+.

some of the artists spun at DBR:

aarktika, adult., aphex twin, apparat, autechre, william basinski, beefcake, beef terminal, bjork, calla, chris clark, chronomad, coil, converter, the coral, current 93, delerium, deru, richard devine, disjecta, dj shadow, ekkhard ehlers, brian eno, michael fakesch, faust, fog, fourtet, ghost, gridlock, helios, hilmar orn hilmarsson, kero, lali puna, legendary pink dots, low, lull, maserati, mogwai, murcof, mus, my bloody valentine, the notwist, nurse with wound, on air library, the orb, pluramon, portishead, proem, sigur ros, somatic responses, ms. john soda, laub, kid606, ladytron, soma, squarepusher, swans, tarentel, t.raumschmiere, yen pox, and music from soundtracks like memento, lost in translation, nadja, and more.

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