Compton Terrace
London, England N1

Daylight music is a dazzling idea presented by the Union Chapel to open up their amazing gothic venue to a shiny new daytime crowd and provide a rather exciting platform for artists.

Encouraging experimentation and profiling new music as well promoting a free music ethos. Join us!

Experience music and Saturday afternoons in a whole new way.

On LJ Kruzer:

LJ Kruzer is Stephen Fiske, a resident of London, England, and producer of melodic electronic music, using the piano as a common theme, with an increasing focus on ambience and synthesizer drones.

After several years of gigging around the UK and France, culminating in a memorable live set at the Big Chill Festival, as well as hosting his famous annual electronic carol services in London, Kruzer returned to the studio in 2008 to create a more streamlined sound, where the emphasis moved from beats and melody to variations in sonic texture, drawing inspiration from a broad spectrum of contemporary electronic music and pioneers such as Brian Eno and Isao Tomita, the results of which can be heard on his second album ‘Manhood & Electronics’.

On Michael Wookey:

At the age of 15, Michael Wookey was given a portable pump organ which belonged to his grandfather who was an organist during World War II. This instrument inspired Michael to write some songs and to start collecting obscure instruments. At the age of 20 , Michael recorded his first album entitled Dreams Of You. This album featured mostly his collection of vintage organs and a lot of Casios. At the age of 24 Michael completed his second album entitled You Shield Me From Darkness which features many obscure instruments such as an Optigan, a toy piano and an Omnichord, as well as his collection of organs and Casios.

Michael now lives in Paris. The French describe his music as folk baroque, meaning bizarre folk. He tours frequently in France and England.

Official Website:

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