6925 Hollywood Boulevard
Hollywood, California 90028

Come join us for a post Christmas photowalk of the world famous Hollywood, California. We'll meet at 4pm on December 26th, the day after Christmas, at Mann's historic Chinese Theatre on Hollywood Blvd. From there we will walk Hollywood Blvd. and any place else of interest in the Hollywood area.

This is an event in progress so if you have ideas or ways to contribute to the event to make it better please let us know.

Added by thomashawk on October 17, 2007



Bah! You and I will flip flopping coasts...I will be in NY on the 26th of December!


Can't Wait!


If we run out of things to shoot at Hollywood & Highland, I highly recommend the nearby Griffith Observatory.


will be my first, can't wait to take the new d80 for a walk.


Awesome! I'll actually be visiting LA (from the UK) for Christmas.

My 5D and I will be there!


Have fun Kids!!!



soooo sorry. I was planning on being there 100 percent... but as some of you know I'm in Mammoth... won't be back in LA til 1 am on the 27th...


I think I'm gonna make a Name Badge. I suggested to Trevor that we do that for the next photowalk.

Whaddya say? :)


I'm with you Bryan! I'll print one out too. Not sure if I can get it laminated though. I'll try.


we are right down the road visiting from texas, we shall be there!


I have at least FOUR people coming with me. Very nice.

Ok, off to bed.


See you guys there... I'll have a Flickr name badge, too.


Change of plans. Been fighting a cold for the past 3 days and this windy and cold LA evening will not help me in my cause so I'll be sitting this one out after all. Hope to see some great shots from the rest of you though.