Davos main street
Davos, Geneva

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Davos 2009, upcoming the world class conference, many
outstanding events for leaders ought to embrace again.
We can learn by many mass medias. It is very useful
for organizations to get pre-eminent ideas by selective leaders of the world. I hope Davos 2009,
the think tank & pool wisdom events should impact
the world again. Thanks for organizing committee
whom endeavour to establish the great agenda,and
environmental scanning in all dimensions worldwide.

Kampechara Puriparinya, Bangkok, Thailand.


Can someone get me in as a blogger at the WEF. I did the live video blogging in 2004, I would love to go again and help others there if they need help or real blogger on the spot ;)
I can pay my air and hotel.


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WHAT AND WHO caused the terrible actual crisis ?
Davos must answer this question before talking about possible solutions. Today,the concepts of sovereignty, commerce, politics and economy that once set nations apart are losing ground and power to merciless globalization, which is destined to change the geopolitical and economic notion of the planet. The rational world is becoming mindful of the need for complex changes in the behavior of all humankind, lest we come dangerously close to a point of no return.
We need to speak a new language. MBS as language for all organizations public or private could avoid future crisis.
MBS in www.fivestarmanager.com


Energy security, underpins the foundation of EVERY economy across the globe, and affects absolutely every cost known to mankind..whether its a paperclip, or a Ferrari. So, you see world leaders slipping around in oil , and ready to point the finger of blame at others. All are good at bickering, but not ONE can provide an iron solution.

As they press forward with ludicrous stimulus plans that actually lack any regenerative component, they all move the globe closer to the edge of fuller economic catastrophe. Do you really think the great economic powerhouse of China can stem the downturn? Watch closely over the next few months, and you'll see it eventually emerge that growth will actually fall closer to 0%, within a really rapid space of time.

Eloquent political statements, and statesmanlike prowess, is what President Obama hinges his 'plan' on, but unfortunately political prowess does not equal to 'solid economic solution'. His financial plan, in its current state,will only serve to cement the economic and social fall of USA.

When the world's finest economists,professors, scientists and commentators have all been found to have been totally futile,and their every attempt confounded, then perhaps the hearing of world leaders will improve.

The clock is running down pretty fast,and the economic toolboxes are really empty. Economists flirt with fire,and continually throw taxpayers,and 'borrowed' money, onto an economic bonfire. Do you think treasuries are infinite? NO - bankruptcy follows.

Do you think its possible to produce more than 1000x the yield of wind and solar power in a clean, carbon free method? Or does your thinking end, with only the renewable methods known to the globe?



Davos create knowledge economy worldwide.


Davos create knowledge economy worldwide.