23 Everett St
Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

David writes in his blog:

I'm honored to be giving the Henderson Lecture at the University of North Carolina on Dec. 7. For it I've written a presentation that's a bit more philosophical and lecture-y than usual for me, on my same-old topic of tags and knowledge.It asks how closely aligned knowledge and taxonomies have to be, whether and why some taxonomies have special standing, whether tags can ever be false, and whether folksonomies really have anything to do with knowledge at all.

On Monday, Dec. 4, at 7pm, I'm going to read a draft of it at a Web of Ideas session at the Berkman (23 Everett St in Cambridge [map]), and then throw it open for discussion. Any and all are welcome. We even serve pizza.

Added by Hybernaut on November 28, 2006