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Successful product teams need a generalist who can help teams come together and perform - a leader who can bring a holistic toolkit to the whole team, customer and programmer alike. In this two day workshop, attendees will be introduced to a series of collaborative practices that ensure user-centered products, lightweight, useful processes and technical excellence. This course is appropriate for developers, technical leads, architects and coaches.

* Build a real team, not just a collection of co-workers
* Coach people towards involvement and creativity
* Center your product directly on your intended users
* Define just enough process and improve over time
* Select practices that deliver the most value


Lead the People
* Team Values, Roles and Rights
* Personal Coaching Techniques
* Increasing Involvement with Retrospectives
* Team Mental Models

Lead the Product
* Product Vision and Chartering
* Building a Backlog
* User Experience Fundamentals
* Collaborative Design
* Managing and Repaying Technical Debt
* The Importance of Architecture

Lead the Process
* Essential eXtreme Programming
* Implementing Kanban
* Release-per-feature and Concurrent Releases
* Retrospectives vs. Stop-the-line

Lead the Practice
* Introducing Practices, Getting Buy-in
* User Stories and Acceptance Testing with BDD
* Domain-Driven Design and Continuous Modeling

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