6425 Detroit Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44102

Book publishing is a 500 year old industry and change comes slowly. David Gray says that his industry is about to experience a whole lot of change very quickly.

Gray & Company, Publishers was started in 1991 by David Gray. The company publishes books about Cleveland and Ohio. with about 6 to 10 new books a year and has more than 75 books in print. Visit www.grayco.com

One of the topics we will discuss is how books about Cleveland help promote the region "under the radar" He has several ideas of how these "little ambassadors' could be used even moe beneficially for our region. Each year consumers by more than $1 million worth of books about Cleveland and Ohio.

Another topic will probably be about how technology is changing publishing and writing. The web is changing the way books are marketed, how we shop, and what this all means to this very old industry. David has a lot of thoughts and ideas of the oppurtunities facing publishers and authors.

Come join us for this conversation with a small business owner who has found his niche and continually expands his horizons by being aware of his surroundings.

Nikki has broken out the new spring menu and it is fabulous. Come earlly or state late and partake of the offerings of Gypsy Beans or simply buy a cup a coffee and sit down for a great conversation with David Gray.

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