38 South 1st St.
New York City, New York

from email:
"~!!Tomorrow!!~ Wednesday, Nov 9th at The Glasshouse Gallery
(w/ The Jared Whitham Show & The Ghost of Sergei Kinkaid)
Sergei Kinkaid was the epitome of a life well lived until he disappeared into the quantum oblivion in 2003. He now exists in the past and future but is very rarely present. Was ushered forth with the promise of a dead horse and penicillin backstage.
Experiencing Jared Whitham is not unlike experiencing Andy Kaufman through David Lynchs eyes. A live studio taping for a television show, Jared will be doing his tropical magic/slash/comedy routine inspired in part by the wonder and merriment known in the western world as the garage sale.

THe Glasshouse Gallery and Smugglers Cove
38 S 1st Street, Williamsburg (L To Bedford, located between Whythe and Kent)
$5 gets you in, show begins at 9, I play at around 10:30"


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