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Dawson Church, Ph.D., is a researcher in the field of energy medicine, who coauthored the book "Soul Medicine" in 2006 (with neurosurgeon Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.), and founded Soul Medicine Institute to study and teach these mechanisms.

Dawson Church holds that there are over 100 genes in your body that are activated by your thoughts, feelings and experiences. Those genes dramatically affect your immune system and your resistance to disease. Those genes can be turned on or off deliberately through thoughts, emotional responses, and experiences that you can choose. This is a radically new theory of how our bodies work and puts more control back in the hands of an empowered patient.

Dawson Church contends that Epigenetic Medicine is a new form of therapy destined to upend many of the certainties of today's medical and psychological practice. Epigenetics (epi = above, epigenetic = control of genes from above or outside the cell) is a new science less than ten years old. Its position is genes are activated or deactivated by many factors originating outside the cell and even outside the body. These factors include emotionally triggering events such as childhood nurturing, belief, spirituality, prayer, visualization, and the quality of our social network.

In this presentation, he shows that the power over our health and well being does not lie in an untouchable realm of DNA strands, but in our own consciousness, and how we can turn this knowledge to our advantage, engaging powerful epigenetic processes through the quality of our emotions and thoughts, and the nature of our intentions. This presentation also includes a description of several simple, free techniques we can use in our everyday lives to trigger health and lifespan boosting epigenetic changes in our mindset/attitude, and then our bodies.

Official Website: http://www.smartlifeforum.org

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