248 Fillmore St.
San Francisco, California 94117

Upper Playground in association with FIFTY24SF Gallery are pleased to present new paintings by world famous artist and escape convict David Choe.

For years David has been traveling the globe destroying its crust, leaving his mark behind everywhere he goes, painting portraits of twisted twin sisters and vicious dogs wielded by half naked women.

Please join us this December to celebrate David's freedom and creativity.

"I?m almost 30 and my skins breaking out like I got a bad case of puberty, this can only mean one of two things, either I?m not using the right moisturizer or it means I?m locked indoors alone with the oils and the krylon. There?s oil paint on the floor, oil on the wall, oil on my face ,turpentine in my hair,overspray on my books, when I blow my nose my snot looks like the lucky charms rainbow. I?m going full blast . and it?s show time." - David Choe


Added by claudinerlco on November 30, 2005