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Amsterdam, Noord-Holland 1019 HC

David Allen & GTD® Roadmap seminar

17th and 19th February 2009 David Allen will give his first public seminars in Dortmund, Germany and in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. David Allen's GTD seminars are a huge success in The United States and in cooperation with Life Architect are being presented in Germany and The Netherlands.

The GTD Roadmap will extend the level of your game. In workshop with David Allen in-person - you will learn about the core principles of productivity improvement. With immediate action steps to get your things done. You will learn how to gain control of the day-to-day events and discover how to achieve balance in your commitments. Practical ways to achieve your goals.

This seminar is aimed for beginners and experienced professionals of GTD. It provides a high level overview of best practices to stay focused, maintain clear vision and in control of your life. Whatever your level this seminar will help you achieve more - there are no beginners moves in GTD - only higher levels of achievement.

Make your own action plan: What is the next action?

Making it all work "Winning at the Game of Work and the Business of Life" - David Allen Benefit from years of learning, research and practical tips, tricks. Get the best practices of GTD in one day - collaborate with David Allen in designing your own action plan to keep you winning at the game of work and business of life. What you will learn:

* How to get in control of now
* How to keep track of every commitment
* What the next actions are for completion
* How you to do your work more effectively
* How to change your habits and learn new ones easily
* How to use get back on your game
* Simple trick to create big results

You will have an opportunity to:

* Collect all your “loose ends”
* Practice important decision-making tools
* Evaluate and upgrade your personal management system
* Identify your next actions and get started on them
* Have fun engaging directly with David Allen

GTD Seminar contents include :

* Your limitations of "psychic RAM" and how to free it up
* Tools and best practices for getting your “stuff” sorted
* The two questions that transform “stuff” into real work
* Gaining "horizontal" control with the Five Core Principles of Positive Engagement
* Gaining "vertical" control using the Six Horizons of Focus
* How to install the two components for permanent change
* You can expect to leave this GTD seminar with an enhanced sense of freedom and energy. Knowing that your busy life is manageable, inspired and you can reach new levels of effectiveness.

Dates and location GTD Seminar

* 17. February 2009
* Dortmund (Zeche Adolf von Hansemann)

* 19. February 2009
* Amsterdam (Pakhuis de Zwijger zalen BV)

* Start: 09:00 hrs
* End: 17:00 hrs

Breakfast from 08:00 hrs and Lunch will be served during the break.

Simultaneous translation will be provided for participants in German (Dortmund).

Official Website: http://www.davidco.com/seminars/detail.php?id=16449&catID=1

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