1924 Cedar (at Bonita)
Berkeley, California

Audiences of all ages have thrilled to the post-corporate comic styling of satirical songster Dave Lippman. The 99% troubadour afflicts the complacent, takes the air out of the windbags of the week, de-distorts history, and updates worn-out songs with parody and thrust. Sample tunes: “All We Are Saying is End Corporate Crime,” “I Hate Wal-Mart” and “Alberta Tarbillies.”

On the other extreme, Lippman's evil twin Wild Bill Bailout, the Bard of the Bankers, employs anti-folk songs and pro-financial collapse anthems to explain (and enforce) that the business of America is none of your business, those too big to fail are also too big to jail, and the jobless and foreclosed must bail out their own boats. Mandatory listening: “Brother Can You Spare a Diamond” and “Sgt. Pepper Spray.”

How will Wild Bill finesse the collapse of capital and find a new way to rule the world? Will he succeed in Occu-Buying Occupy? Come find out! www.davelippman.com

Admission $8-$10.
Wheelchair accessible.

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