240 Front Street,
San Francisco, California 94111

Monthly DataPortability Project Meeting in San Francisco.

Since we have a small group and have some catch-up to do, i am picking a more informal place for our meeting.

Schroeder's offers free WIFI and good German brews:
Located on Front between California and Sacramento

As of Sunday July 20th the attendee RSVP is a small group (probably because i have been away and did not properly advertise this meet-up). Since we have not met up locally for a bit, this will give us a change to catch up. If you are a new local Data Portability member, please come meet us!

Please see and add to Agenda here:

Official Website: http://wiki.dataportability.org/display/dpmain/2008/07/05/San+Francisco+Meetup+July+21st+6pm

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Sorry I can't make it, I'm in LA tonight :(