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Solondz, the master of the “sorrowful comedy” (his term), carefully and humorously examines the life of a middle-aged schlub. Abe, an overweight and sometimes belligerent man-child in his mid-30s, lives with his folks (marvelously played by Christopher Walken and Mia Farrow) and works ineffectually for his father. He collects action figures, drives a bright yellow Hummer and often evinces an optimistic streak, though he quickly turns nasty when things don’t go his way. Selma Blair plays Miranda, the dysfunctional object of Abe’s intense romantic affections. As ever, Solondz is interested in the environments and the people who revolve around his main characters, particularly Abe’s coworkers and an ex-boyfriend of Miranda’s. Using this prism, he shows the failings and fantasies of his protagonists, perhaps pointing a way forward for them both.

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