1500 Grand Avenue
Phoenix, Arizona 85007

March 7 -9, 2008
DANIEL MARTIN DIAZ Book Signing and Exhibition
and SHAG Limited Print Exhibition

for Artlink's Art Detour 20
at Perihelion Arts
1500 Grand Avenue
( corner of 15th ave/grand/roosevelt aves.)
Phoenix , AZ 85007

Exhibiting a selection of original art
and signing copies of his
beautiful new book, Mysterium Fidei (La Luz de Jesus Press)
Daniel will be signing books Saturday - Sunday between 12 - 6 pm

Opening reception, Friday Mar. 7, 2008
6 pm - midnight.

In his latest book, "Mysterium Fidei (Mystery of Faith)" (La Luz de Jesus Press, www.laluzdejesuspress.com), Daniel Martin Díaz explores the vast amount of human suffering and his undying faith in the afterlife. Díaz’s mystical imagery reflects the influences of Byzantine iconography, retablos, ex votos, the Illuminati, alchemy, ephemera, and 16th century anatomical engravings, which he blends with archaic imagery and old-world aesthetics. "I continue to be amazed and inspired by many artists both past and present, who have been successful in capturing the complexities of the human spirit. We run from those things that we cannot explain. These are the things that we must attempt to explain through art. All the beauty and tragedy that is life. The world between imagination and completion is an infinite one. It is a solitary journey, yet the many paths are full of wanderers who are also searching and eager to share their findings. I am most influenced by the great amount of human suffering that has occurred throughout history and one's undying faith in the after life. Often times I am subconsciously influenced by world attitudes or stories and also by the people I am closest to. I prefer to keep an open mind and let the subject matter take on a life of its own" states Diaz.

Josh Agle (probably better known as Shag, a contraction of the last two letters of his first name and the first two letters of his last) is a painter, illustrator and designer working in Southern California. His initial intention to establish a career as an illustrator-for-hire was sidetracked when his original paintings began to garner considerable attention from galleries and collectors. Since his first solo gallery show in 1997, Shag has had successful solo exhibitions in the United States, Europe, Japan and Australia.The work is online at www.shag.com - call or email for availability as pre-show sales have started-thanks

Official Website: http://perihelion.com

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